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In my experience, the words “We create our own reality” are the most profound words of wisdom in the universe.

  • When we know about something, it is mere information…
  • When we personally experience it, it becomes knowledge…
  • And finally, when we understand the essence and practice it in our lives, it becomes wisdom!

The ultimate wisdom is that related to the subjects of Spiritual Science and Metaphysics. The quest to attain this wisdom is an inseparable part of our lives and forms the basis of our Souls’ evolution. 


Life Research Academy offers various workshops which accelerate one’s spiritual growth by touching the aspects of Past Lives, Present Relationships and much more…

Training Programs

If you’d like to do more research and explore one particular field of your interest, these training programs will help you get into it.

Individual Sessions

Either it is a physical ailment or relationship issue or a spiritual assistance; our team members are always there for you to guide you.

"One day Ananda, who had been thinking deeply about things for a while, turned to the Buddha and exclaimed: "Lord, I've been thinking- spiritual friendship is at least half of the spiritual life!" The Buddha replied: "Say not so, Ananda, say not so. Spiritual friendship is the whole of the spiritual life!"."

- Samyutta Nikaya

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  • Expanding Consciousness Through Past Life Regression

    A practitioner of Hypnotherapy and Reiki tells us about the healing, transformation and liberation experienced through Past Life Regression.


    Dissolving Deep Inner Pain through PLR

    I was suffering with shooting pain in my last three vertebrae since 2007. There was swelling in that part too. The three different doctors that I consulted told me that - "there is no cure for this problem.


  • Elixir of Life and Joy

    My endeavour of self healing with Dr. Newton and Dr. Lakshmi began in January 2009. Although I experienced profound transformation after each workshop, I felt a kind of void inside and I realized that ...


    I Found My Nectar

    The energy during the workshop was superb. There I realized I had not laughed for, god knows how many years. I realized..


  • A Personal Journey

    I started my personal journey when I attended the Basic two day Workshop conducted by Dr Newton, a renowned Past Life Regression Therapist in Hyderabad, in the month of January 2005.


    Finding The Right Teacher

    Dr. Newton the person is a school by himself. He is one of the finest Spiritual Masters of our times. I am not alone when I say that as his student, we get to learn as much by merely observing him ...


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