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"Mind is repetitive, mind always moves in circles. Mind is a mechanism: you feed it with knowledge, it repeats the same knowledge, it goes on chewing the same knowledge again and again. No-mind is clarity, purity, innocence. No-mind is the real way to live, the real way to know, the real way to be."

- Osho

Free Meditation Classes are being organized from 08:00 AM to 09:30 AM every Sunday at Life Research Academy, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad. In every Meditation Class there is a presentation or discourse on an interesting topic of Spiritual Science by Dr. Newton (when he is in Hyderabad) or by any of the team members.

Timings : 08:00 AM to 09:30 AM

Venue: Life Research Academy, Plot No. 4 Sriniketan Colony, Road. 3 Banjara Hills, Hyderabad

Contact Numbers: 040 - 42212566, 9848019022, 9849492098

Sunday Meditation Classes Schedule (July 8th to December 30th 2018)
S.No Class Date Topic Speaker
1 08.07.2018 Wisdom of Lobsang Rampa Rajashekhar Potluri
2 15.07.2018 Wisdom of Annie Besant Rajashekhar Potluri
3 22.07.2018 Think with your heart and feel with your mind Dr. Newton Kondaveti
4 29.07.2018 Being nobody and going nowhere Dr. Newton Kondaveti
5 05.08.2018 Wisdom of HP Blavatsky Kiran Anumalasetty
6 12.08.2018 Wisdom of Neale Donald Walsch Rajashekhar Potluri
7 19.08.2018 Wisdom of Sylvia Browne Lokanath Reddy
8 26.08.2018 Friendly Universe Dr. Newton Kondaveti
9 02.09.2018 Antahakarana Shuddhi Dr. Newton Kondaveti
10 09.09.2018 Wisdom of Ekhart Tolle Rajashekhar Potluri
11 16.09.2018 Svara Vijnana Dr. Newton Kondaveti
12 23.09.2018 Wisdom of Richard Bach Rajashekhar Potluri
13 30.09.2018 Wisdom of Edgar Cayce Lokanath Reddy
14 07.10.2018 Wisdom of Gurdjieff Rajashekhar Potluri
15 14.10.2018 Wisdom of Alan Watts Harika Suri
16 21.10.2018 Wisdom of Robert Monroe Rajashekhar Potluri
17 28.10.2018 Wisdom of Rudolf Steiner Rajashekhar Potluri
18 04.11.2018 Wisdom of Vera Stanley Alder Harika Suri
19 11.11.2018 Wisdom of Peter Tompkins and Christopher Bird Kiran Anumalasetty
20 18.11.2018 Wisdom of Hazrat Inayat Khan Rajashekhar Potluri
21 25.11.2018 I am You Dr. Newton Kondaveti
22 02.12.2018 Wisdom of Dan Millman Rajashekhar Potluri
23 09.12.2018 Journey from Known to Unknown Dr. Newton Kondaveti
24 16.12.2018 Wisdom of Gary Zukav Lokanath Reddy
25 23.12.2018 Wisdom of Louise Hay Rajashekhar Potluri
26 30.12.2018 Wisdom of Barbara Marciniac Rajashekhar Potluri

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