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"Meditation is not a personal search for personal experience.Meditation is not the search for transcendental energy that will give you more energy to become more mischievous. Meditation is not personal achievement sitting next to God.Meditation, then, is a state of mind in which the 'me' is absent. And therefore that very absence brings order.And that order must exist. Without that order, things become silly.....As long as you are held within a pattern you MUST create disorder in the world. If you say- America must be a superpower, you're going to create disorder."

- Jiddu krishnamurti

1. Reiki Hands Of Light  Deuter
2. Reiki Mandala Of Integration  Aeoliah
3. Reiki Mandala Of Peace  
4. Reiki Whale Song Kamal  
5. Indian Meditiation Music  
6. Nada Brahma  Meditations Of OSHO
7.  Overtone Chakra Meditation  OSHO
8. Relaxation For Massage  
9. Nada Himalaya  Deuter
10. Sound Scapes -  Rivers, Mountains, Sea,Deserts  
11. Five Elements - Fire, Earth, Water, Space, Wind  

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