Mexico's Liga MX Femenil affecting Women's World Cup

Mexico launched Liga MX Femenil in 2016 after its 2011 and 2015 Women's World Cup successes. Ironic, El Tri didn't qualify for 2019 or 2023.

After allowing foreign players to sign in 2021, Hermoso's agreement a year later showed a determination to make big deals and make Mexico a top destination for players.

Beyond celebrity wages, the league's increased dedication to a polished product is a big selling point.

This league is better organized than Spain. Mexico has beautiful stadiums, but Spain sometimes plays on fields.

The league has done well in attracting foreign talent to earn fame and break into major circuits. 

Mexico's bad year included failure to qualify for the men's under-20 World Cup, the 2024 Olympic Games (neither men's nor women's team will be in Paris).

After replacing Vergara, Pedro López, Mexico's women's national team manager, said journalists. The league and its clubs are building a bright future.

Mexico and the US bid to host the 2027 Women's World Cup this month, following the men's event in both countries (plus Canada) a year earlier.

As seen by its growth and presence at this year's World Cup, the national team's future won't be shaped by domestic failure.

Liga MX Femenil director Mariana Gutierrez says Mexico's soccer league's ultimate aim is high but achievable.

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