Five Dynamic Strength Exercises for Body Shape Changes

Use dumbbells or barbells for this exercise. Front-facing weights. With your chest up, "dragging" the dumbbells or barbell down your thighs with hips back and knees bent.

Romanian Deadlift

This exercise uses that dumbbell set on an incline bench. Press dumbbells over your chest with straight arms. Lower weights and press shoulders into the exercise bench.

Inclined Bench Press

Balance on a sturdy platform or gym bench with one leg and hand on either side. Before lowering a dumbbell, row it to your hip with another hand.

Dumbbell Row

Lat pulldown bar outside shoulders. Put palms down. Reclining, pull bar down with elbows. Lift the bar with resistance to maintain lat tension.

Lat Pulldowns

Complete dumbbell walking lunges. Forward with one foot on the ground and weights in each hand. Come down. Reverse foot forward.

Dumbbell Lunges

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