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"Man is lost and is wandering in a jungle where real values have no meaning. Real values can have meaning to man only when he steps on to the spiritual path, a path where negative emotions have no use."

- Sathya Sai Baba

My endeavour of self healing with Dr. Newton and Dr. Lakshmi began in January 2009. Although I experienced profound transformation after each workshop, I felt a kind of void inside and I realized that my inner joy was still missing. The radiance of my heart and soul was still hidden behind clouds of sadness. Rebirthing-breathwork with Dr.Newton provided the last and vital link to my complete healing.

My journey probably would not have been so fulfilling if I had not met the Life Research Academy Team. My experience with Dr. Newton is very soothing and intriguing. Dr. Lakshmi has all the patience in the world to provide comfort even when I have to share something which is not conclusive in itself. The Team together, at different levels, has guided me to explore further on each feeling and disappointment thereby helping me to discover more and more about myself.

Earlier, along the path I could feel some blocks within but really couldn’t understand. With the rebirthing, there occurred a clearance, a free flow of energy, an understanding and awareness of what the intellect knew. I could now actually visualize, sense and experience the belief systems and the emotional baggage which were the blocks within me.

On reaching the life that caused the basic problem in the right ankle, I saw that as a young Brahmin boy, I died hitting my right ankle at the bottom of a pool. As a soul when I watched that body, I could see the concussion on the ankle and the porous structure of the bone. After healing that injury, when I came back to the present, the pain was gone!

The amazing pattern was as follows - a "lonely" death in almost all the lives or death due to treachery/ stupidity on my part - the pattern repeats itself in this life and REALLY I was headed in that direction, had I not seen and learnt the lesson at the higher planes. Cutting people out because they may hurt you is not the way to live life. We cannot and should not live alone. We have to learn to be in the crowd as "one" to all and support and help and understand and connect with people with true intentions and not just withdraw or isolate because of the fear of hurt or rejection.

I came to know of Dr. Newton, this was the best thing that happened to me in my entire life. I reached Hyderabad with an open mind and a heart full of faith not knowing what would lie ahead, because till then i had gone through a lot of grinding with various doctors with no results and no hope., and here i was in front of Dr Newton, my eyes met this wonderful human being his heart full of love and compassion, instantly there was a connection and my soul knew this was it and that the almighty had answered my prayers. He came across to me as a saint in a human body. Those 4 sessions that i had with him gave instant results

I attended his Basic workshop in Delhi for 2 days and had some wonderful experiences which would be very hard to describe in a few words. There was a constant hunger for more deep inside me.... and then the wonderful opportunity for attending his 6 day residential workshop on Past life regression training in Hyderabad followed. Both me and my sister leaped at this opportunity and the experiences we had and shared with our other teammates were unfathomable……………….

The energy during the workshop was superb. There I realized I had not laughed for, god knows how many years. I realized, I was so much engrossed in my work, resolving the issues of my clients, that I had forgotten my existence, since the past 40 years. I felt my existence, and I found the love and joy within myself.

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