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"My religion is to live and die without regret."

- Milarepa

I started my personal journey when I attended the Basic two day Workshop conducted by Dr Newton, a renowned Past Life Regression Therapist in Hyderabad, in the month of January 2005. The workshop opened me to the field of inner energies, thoughts, past lives and the undisputable facts that we create our own reality; we are eternal at the soul level. We are spiritual beings living out a human existence.

Now the past has no power over me. No matter what the problem is, I understood that the main issue is loving the self. This is the magic wand that dissolves the problem. Each moment is evergreen and fresh. All is perfect, whole and complete.

The reason most people find that their destinies are largely unalterable (and hence quite predictable) is that there are loads of past life issues that are buried into the deeper layers of the subconscious and these issues have a way of affecting and shaping our future, in ways unknown to us, until we deal with them. If there is a good way to obtain access to this hidden information from our repressed memories and deal with the issues or blocks that we are carrying from our past, it is past life healing. Training as a past life therapist with Dr. Newton therefore helped me with just that.

I know I have come a long way in the last 3 years, gathering soulful wisdom through books and meditation, and more importantly, having found the purpose of this life. My experiences with Dr.Newton has left a profound impact in my life, that I no longer fear death or disease as opposed to the hypochondriac I used to be. I no longer have right wing religious views that I used to have, that I no longer believe in violence, war, hatred and intolerance, in the name of religion, color, creed, caste or nationality. I have seen lives lived as a Muslim, Christian and now a Hindu and this, significantly blurred the dividing line of religion as it did with the many races and the distinctions thereof.

Dr. Newton the person is a school by himself. He is one of the finest Spiritual Masters of our times. I am not alone when I say that as his student, we get to learn as much by merely observing him as we learn in his classes. He is a personification of each and every virtue that he expounds in his classes – an epitome of unconditional love, acceptance without censure or judgment, child-like openness, complete awareness in the present. The smile on his face is indelible; the constant sense of joy that exudes from his heart is unmistakable. He serves as the greatest motivation to each one of his students to attempt to be somewhat close to the kind of human being that he himself is.

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