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"The foot feels the foot when it feels the ground." -Buddha

- Vijayanti Reddy,
Vijayanthi is a Rebirther and a PLR therapist from Hyderabad.

Trust had always been my issue way back in 2007, when Dr. Newton entrusted me to organize a drama / play on his birthday celebration I could not grasp that it was his total trust in whatever he felt or saw in me resulted in that.
For my self doubting pattern was so prevalent that I over looked many aspects of my existence. When he invited me to work at LRA I could not understand his modes operandi. But as I started growing and climbing up the ladder, transformation was inevitable when one’s guide is none other Dr. Newton.

Coming to the self mastery workshop, on 29th and 30th May 2010it all started with focusing on 3 intentions we desired to manifest in our lives. On day one, it was a Joyous Journey with Dr. Newton gave us a talk on Shamanic wisdom. But before that understanding, the self sabotaging pattern of underservability, unlovability and approval seeking brought a deeper insight into one’s self. It was a day of complete shamanic knowledge. Understanding and knowing how they exist and work, took me closer to the path of working on self and centering into myself. Gist of the day’s knowledge helped in enlarging our perception, seeing the essence of everything that leads to the understanding of the unknown. He spoke that ‘Self Importance’ is just for a sense of identity but not to separate us from the world.

A shaman has an implicit trust on the universe and just waits to receive whatever he has asked for, with patience and no anxiety. My biggest learning has been that I CAN WAIT TO RECEIVE IN A JOYOUS STATE. This learning has not been new but listening to Dr. Newton made a deeper and an everlasting impact. The aspects of a Shaman which are Impeccability and Unbending Intent were driven so very deeply into my consciousness that I am now totally aware of them in my daily life. Shamans work with such awareness that they stop internal dialogues and reach inner silence. I am moving closer to this with each day passing by.

A couple of marvelous meditation sessions were conducted by Dr. Newton. A simple exercise of feeling through the heart centre and connecting to others was an amazing experience. Feeling their Joy and Pain makes your truly understand we can sense everything around us. Meditation on identifying one’s power animal, tree guide and mineral guide actually took me closer to a powerful sense of knowing and mastering my destiny. Soul retrieval with the help of one power animal was a very exciting and unique experience. I was too eager to integrate my soul fragment back into self and it was a very happy reunion.
On the 2nd day of the workshop knowledge of basic fears was another important aspect and Dr. Lakshmi guided meditation on identifying the fear dragons and with the help of angles and a golden pyramid, transforming them into a unicorn was a very healing session.

Another meditation conducted by her on connecting to lost self, where one travelled into the middle of earth and then into a cave to locate one’s lost self brought in an intense healing of my inner child. Dr. Newton’s 20 step meditation where we connect to the 5 elements and ultimately reach higher levels to meet the spiritual guide, left me in an unforgettable state of ecstasy and tears as I got connected to Shiva and Shakti. I am still carrying the vibrational shift that has happened.

I am immensely grateful to these two masters who are touching our lives so very deeply, helping us more from one level to the other, growing from one workshop to the other and sustaining these shifts. Finally the family constellation which happened to be the last event of the 2nd day, brought an immense healing for the entire group.
To sum it up, self mastery programme is a must for every spiritual seeker. For me it has been an integration of all of my previous knowledge. You walk out knowing yourself better… your strengths and weakness and where one can stand up and say “YES, THIS IS ME”.

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