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“Jesus brooded upon the Divine imminence until at last he could declare, "I and my Father are One.”

- James Allen

- Jayashree Ashok
PLR Practitioner, Bangalore.

My journey to discover myself started unconsciously in my early childhood – I was always asking questions about the meaning of life. Throughout, I was restless in schools, colleges and corporate life and felt dissatisfied with all the answers that I was receiving. I was at my happiest while helping others or exploring philosophy and life questions with people who were patience enough with my restless energy. After a rather turbulent life of following my heart and seeking answers from anyone and everyone who was patient enough to humor me, I started consciously looking inwards. It has been an amazing journey of re-discovery and coming home into my self and finding out that the answers have been inside me all the time.
Emotional healing has been a large part of my own self work. I have been consciously practicing this through meditation, mindfulness, pranayama, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) & related tools, acupressure, and to some extent, body work. I have also been working as a teacher/healer for a few years now. As I have been healing myself I have gained rich insights into the nature of reality and human consciousness. I have experienced that I AM INFINITE LOVE. I have also experienced I AM INFINITE.  When I believe this truly and choose it every time, I magically expand to overcome the barriers that are created by me. I create my reality. It is all my choice. It really is a matter of how far am I ready to go.
Sometimes the pull is so intense that I have to pause and remember not to go too fast. This is the hardest part. Then I remember my past lessons and slow down - slowly, steadily, by grounding myself and really integrating my lessons into every aspect of my life.  As I have come home, my family life, my relationships and everything has fallen into place. Things happen effortlessly. I keep removing self created barriers and find many possibilities.

My Past Life Regression Experiences
In December 2009, I attended the 2-day workshop on Past Life Regression and Spiritual Science, and then the 6-day Training Program on Past Life Regression conducted by Dr. Newton and Dr. Lakshmi. My introduction to Past Life Regression was unexpected. It magically came into my life as I had questions on some core issues of my personality that were yet unresolved despite regular sadhana. A friend I met (Nandini – thank you!) told me about it. I chanced upon Dr. Newton's website and the Global Congress of Spiritual Scientists (GCSS) last October. As soon as I saw this I felt drawn to it. My husband and I registered and attended the GCSS. I especially wanted to attend the Past Life Regression sessions.
Attending GCSS was really like coming home. I have trained with Buddhist, Taoist groups in the past and with Art of Living in India for sometime. I have a very regular home practice. But no experience can really describe what I felt when I first saw Patriji. I felt at home – I am perfect as I am. I found myself crying continuously - out of relief.  I attended Dr. Newton & Dr. Lakshmi's workshop at the GCSS. I felt instantly comfortable with them – a sense of trust. I experienced a feeling of safety with them. Prior to the GCSS, I have had some glimpses into my past lives through meditation and a few visual images during EFT. Past Life Regression was a different experience altogether. My first experience with Past Life Regression at GCSS was intensely traumatic. I re-experienced a death in a war which left me with the feeling of guilt and regret that I could not protect my family. The pain was intense and I completely re-experienced my death including the pain from the bullet wound. I came out of the session completely shaken, but slowly I was able to naturally regain my composure. Once I could accept the situation, I found that my completely irrational fear of betraying my family was gone. This fear has sometimes paralyzed me and stopped me from taking bold actions that I knew were right for me and my family. I could completely heal myself from this fear.
During the GCSS I also had an opportunity to go into my future life. It was a wonderful experience and a very healing one. As soon as I came out of the experience, I found Patriji and Dr. Newton physically seated right behind me. I immediately “knew” my next step would be to take up longer daily meditation and the Past Life Regression training. I had found my Gurus.
It is really hard to describe the depth of changes I have experienced since the time I have attended the workshop on Past Life Regression and Spiritual Science, and the Training Program on Past Life Regression. I have experienced 14 past lives through Past Life Regression  - monk (I've seen 3 monk/Brahmin lives), nun in Greek Orthodox church, Roman gladiator, Indian freedom fighter/teacher, Rajput chieftain, African tribal (possibly a priest), African American (a couple of them), European births (a couple of them), potentially one Native American, and one American lady in a wheelchair. These have given me a lot of insight into core aspects of my personality, body and habits. I have also realized the respective root causes of some of my prejudices in this life time. Some of the experiences were very hard – especially the traumatic deaths. I felt sorry for myself for having suffered so much. Through Past Life Regression I could experience vivid details – kinesthetic (physical sensations), and visual. Sometimes it seemed unbearably painful, but I was able to experience it. Today, the results of facing this pain are fabulous and really worth it. Like Dr. Newton keeps saying – 'Reliving is Relieving'. It is possible to face and release it. I also realized the truth of the axiom 'Unless you Feel, you cannot Heal'.
The first most obvious change I could feel was a feeling of lightness. My meditations are much easier now and I seem to slip into a deep state of meditation much faster than before. Releasing the trauma stored inside me has made me feel much lighter and centered. Most importantly, I have understood my core issues of loneliness, insecurity, perfectionism and lack of trust in myself. Having released past baggage through Past Life Regression, I am able to consistently observe these habits of mine when they play out in my every day life in a non-judgmental manner. As I am “with it” as an observer, the pain passes, and out of it emerges something wonderful. I feel more confident and am really able to persist in altering my own behavior and choices. And I truly fill up with love and trust. Every time I change my habit I find indescribable love and gratitude within myself. It has been a journey of letting go of fears and finding the path of love over and over again.
Prior to Past Life Regression I have experienced past life images with meditation. While these have been wonderful and given me a lot of insights – there were not always predictable for me. Past Life Regression has allowed me to heal my core issues by letting go all the past life related trauma that were causing my core issues in the first place. And for me – Past Life Regression has been quick, hard and effective! Perhaps these would have come up eventually with meditation but I am really glad they happened sooner! I am very ready for the next phase of my work towards my vision in this life. I am also really grateful for the integration that happened during the Past Life Regression sessions. They really helped me bring lessons from my past life into this life in a very practical manner. I highly recommend this training both for the speed at which you can understand yourself and the transformation it brings into our everyday lives. It is a very balanced approach.
I am simply amazed with my teachers Dr. Newton, Dr. Lakshmi, Sridevi and Rajashekhar. It is rare to experience this type of unconditional love – in an easy and unobtrusive way. I felt safe – very safe to open up and explore myself. In the past I've been a bit wary but this felt just right. The trainings were intense and at times I did want to stretch and take a break. My only feedback to them would be to have some time in between to absorb the intense experiences and be with nature. I did follow the advice and note things down. I have been absorbing them post training and the lessons keep coming in every day.
For my teachers
Dr. Newton, I am really grateful to you for not answering some of my questions. Your only response would be a smile and sure enough I found the answer within myself soon.  A true teacher/master is one who helps their student learn from within. I am very grateful and inspired to meet a true teacher – so simple, humble and unconditional. You have guided me to trust myself and my own experiences – to seek within and learn to follow my inner guidance. Thank you for simply being you.
Dr. Lakshmi, I feel a connection and safety with you which are truly healing. Your simplicity, sincerity and love make it a wonderful journey for all of us. I love your way of giving feedback and gently putting us back on track. Your patience really teaches us! Thank you.
Sridevi and Rajashekhar – your presence is noticed in so many ways. All the details that go towards making a workshop perfect are taken care of by you. Thank you. Sridevi – I will never forget your simple and sensitive gesture of reassurance when I was feeling “delicate” during a demonstration session. It really helped me relax and go deep into a trance safely. And the results are there with me today.
All of you at Life Research Academy – your workshops are wonderful and really worth every bit. They are transformational in the truest sense. And each one of you gives a 100%. You are a beacon for many of us aspiring teachers and healers. I've learnt a lot from you and hope to continue to be part of this wonderful family.

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