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"Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy."

- Thich Nhat Hanh

- Radhika Deshpande,
Radhika Deshpande is an artist and healer based in Mumbai

I would like to tell you about my journey towards knowingness and a remarkable experience with Dr. Newton during his residential Training Program on Past Life Regression.
As a kid I often used to tell my friends “let me talk to my mind first, let me know what it is saying”.  As a teenager, whenever I looked into the mirror, quite often I felt “there is much more to me than this face and name – something which I don't know very well, but it exists”. I couldn't share this with anyone but the feeling remained that there is something unknown and unheard of within me. However, at that time I was only asking questions that were left unanswered.  
During this time I had heard from my aunt about Past Life Regression and Dr.Newton, and without any hesitation I knew that I was attracted to this science. Different types of unexplainable experiences kept on happening, and after my graduation I went to a Past Life Regression Facilitator to know all about spiritual sciences and Past Life Regression, (keeping this in mind that one day I am going to go and meet Dr. Newton). I experienced many past lives and could also resolve many issues. I was transforming very fast.
In this process I came across quite a few lives of mine where I was a healer and I started realizing that as I was healing and cleansing myself I was connecting to healing power within me and I could naturally help others to heal. That's when I decided to attend Dr. Newton's 6-day residential Training Program on Past Life Regression (a long awaited desire of meeting Dr. Newton came true ). I got to spend 6 magnificent days in the presence of the wonderful and compassionate Soul - Dr. Newton.
Our sessions started of superbly and with Dr. Newton & Dr. Lakshmi's brilliance and experience, one couldn't ask for more. As the course progressed the transformation in everyone of us was unbelievable. The energy of the class was changing to a higher and more and more positive resonance. We all have a lot of love and compassion for ourselves and others and for many reasons we just can't accept it and express it.  During these days Dr. Newton gave me the courage to show love and compassion towards myself and others unconditionally.
On the last day of the course we were suppose to practice Christos technique and intuitively I knew that I don't need to go to a past life any more.  I was paired up with Aarti Bhasin and for both of us this session was an amazing experience. The session went this way:  
As I started expanding my consciousness beyond my physical boundaries, my awareness expanded to such an extent that I saw beautiful stars & the Milky Way Galaxy. I felt as if I was one with it, with that enormous existence. I could feel its limitless serenity and I realized that that serenity was me; it was within me, which was untouched, unexplainable. As I was just into this calmness, I saw a golden light in a spiral form that was moving rapidly around me, cocooning me in it. It had tremendous shine and power, the like of which I had never experienced before. My breath and my existence couldn't match with it. But as I trusted myself and the interaction, the experience was divine.  As I felt ready for it, the next moment this divine light was on my palms and going into my third eye chakra. My palms became heavy and I could feel the drip of this light on my third eye chakra and slowly spreading into my body.
I felt blessed, as if I was given a gift - a message from my master to trust my power, and just as I was receiving this gift, Aarti asked me 'how are you feeling' and I said 'humble and responsible'. That golden light was like a flame on my third eye, a brilliant bright flame.
Then I saw a face, I felt like it was my master. It was “Aurobindo”. He gave me a few beautiful & transforming messages:
“The realization that you have had right now, the flame of golden light, keep it forever, preserve it, and grow with its warmth and brightness every day. Your sheer existence is divinity; every one is the same 'divine being'.”
(I could feel the presence of my spirit guide Marisa next to me throughout this experience.)
“Trust and believe in everything that you are, once you trust and believe in your own existence you will realize the limitlessness of your soul.”
He lovingly smiled at me and I couldn't see him any longer.
This session transformed me completely and also the entire course, the realization of the untouched serenity within me, Realization of the gift of healing myself and others, and the ability to express love and compassion unconditionally. For this I thank everyone who was with me in this journey, and a very very special thanks to Dr. Newton, Dr. Lakshmi, Sridevi Madam, Mr. Rajashekhar, and The Life Research Academy.
This transformation has changed my life, both as an artist and as a human being, and now I am able to trust myself and help others to heal with me.

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