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"I have brought myself, by long meditation, to the conviction that a human being with a settled purpose must accomplish it, and that nothing can resist a will which will stake even existence upon its fulfilment."

- Benjamin Disraeli

- Priya Kridhnan Das,

I was inspired to attend the workshop on Past Life Regression after reading Dr. Brian Weiss' book, 'Many Lives, Many Masters'. And when the thought of attending a workshop occurred to me, my 'subconscious' mind instantly popped out the name of Dr. Newton, whose article I had read around 5 years ago in Sunday Times. After going through the schedule of his workshops, I was happy to learn that the next was scheduled in Delhi very soon. Since I was travelling I wasn't sure if I could attend it and had left it to God to decide whether I should attend the workshop. Surprisingly everything fell in place and soon I was seated in the workshop hall.
Though my past life memory retrieval during the workshop was limited to glimpses of the same, what I would like to focus on in this article is the transformation, that the meditation I practiced post the workshop, brought in me. We were asked to meditate for a total period of 40 days without a break after the workshop and I did exactly that.
Initially after the meditation, I would be left with a bad headache. Since I rarely get headaches, when I consulted Ms Ambika Khanna, a Facilitator trained by Dr. Newton, she said that my meditation was slowly opening up my charkas and sub-conscious mind and that there's nothing to worry about.
The main reason why I had attended the workshop was to overcome strong and recurring depressive phases that I often experienced. I had ambitious plans for my career and a year back it crumbled like a pack of cards. I was (and still am) without a job, I was suddenly in a new place, amidst new people, hostile climate and all this was making me miserable. Things haven't changed, not even one bit, but my attitude towards all these situations has. At the end of the 40 day period, my mood swings and depressive phases were completely gone. Earlier when a negative thought would drag me down and act as a trigger for a depressive phase of 3-4 days, now I witness that even at the remotest appearance of a negative thought, my mind or rather my subconscious starts sending out positive thoughts and the negative phase doesn't last for more than a few minutes. There is a happiness and inner contentment that I feel all the time and people around me too have noticed the change in me.
There is increasingly an inner understanding that it's the same God in all of us, be it the construction worker or the owner of a BMW. We are just playing out different parts and roles on Earth to progress on the same path of evolution.  This feeling also to a great extent has boosted my confidence when I compare myself to the more 'successful' people and at the same time has made me more compassionate when I come across the lesser privileged. Whenever I meet people, even the dhobi, milkman who come home regularly, I try to see God in them and whenever I do that while talking to people, they invariably connect to me and even smile at me. I noticed this works even with people who do not smile much.
Whenever I go out, whomever I set my eyes on, I try and send out a silent blessing to them. I've noticed that whenever I do that, it doubles my own happiness. During the course of the workshop, one of the main lessons that was driven home was that of 'letting go'. I'm trying to do that each day of my life now. I've noticed that by doing this, not only do things fall in place but also relationships with people around get better. One of the offshoots of the same lesson is to ‘forgive’. When we let go, we learn to forgive. Whenever things don't happen as planned by me, I've begun to tell myself that life has presented this situation to test me and if I learn to overcome and rise above it, it will stop affecting me and that will be another step towards my spiritual evolution. Similarly people's criticism or certain behaviors or tendencies of people which earlier annoyed or upset me have stopped being so. I've begun to look at these with greater maturity and do not get affected by it any more.
It's been three months since I have attended the workshop and I still continue with my meditation. Having said all this I must admit that whenever I've been irregular with meditation either because I'm traveling or out of sheer laziness, the depressive phases or negative thought patterns return. So I've realized that meditation to me is like a medicine. I've to do it each day of my life so that I overcome negativity completely and transit to a higher spiritual level.

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