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"We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts, we make the world." -Buddha




January  2012

Volume 4   Issue No.1


The Essence of 2012





Dear Readers,

Eternal Life Times wishes you all a very Happy, Prosperous and Enlightening New Year!

As we get ready to welcome the year 2012, we can look back at 2011 with a sense of satisfaction. The dates 26th & 27th November, 2011 will be remembered as red   lettered days in the History of Past Life Regression. On that weekend, nearly 100 professionals in Past Life Regression came together at Hyderabad for the 1st Past Life Regression Convention (PLRC1) that was organized by the Association for Regression and Reincarnation Research (ARRR). It was heartening to see that some of the delegates participated in the event due to their deep interest in Reincarnation and Past Life Regression, although they are not Past Life Regression Facilitators. A significant number of the delegates were qualified medical professionals who have integrated Past Life Regression into their fields of healing. The fact that the delegates spanned such a broad spectrum ranging from medical doctors and psychiatrists to homeopaths, ayurvedic doctors, reiki healers, pranic healers, tarot card readers, yoga teachers, physiotherapists etc., shows that Past Life Regression has a universal appeal that makes it stand out among the various forms of other alternative therapies. 

The convention saw some brilliant presentations and mini workshops by experts in the field, some of whom showed the innovative integration of Past Life Regression with their respective field of expertise in alternative healing. This modality holds great promise for the future of Past Life Regression, which is one of the most open forms of alternative therapy as it can easily be combined and integrated with other forms, thereby increasing the overall healing potential of the process.
ARRR is providing the thrust for the quantum leap that Past Life Regression is taking in India and around the Globe now. All over the world, we find increasing evidence of the growing awareness among people about Past Life Regression and its increasing use thereof. The experiences shared by the keynote speakers and presenters at PLRC1 substantiated this fact and this was the cause for much cheering and rejoicing amongst the participants. As a result, the event turned out to be much more than just a convention; it was also a grand celebration!
ARRR is now working on evolving the requirements and standards for certification of Past Life Regression Facilitators. Another wonderful initiative is the opening of counseling centers where people can avail free counseling and sessions in Past Life Regression. Such centers are planned to be started all over India. The year ahead is sure to be an exciting one for ARRR and Past Life Regression. 
Eternal Life Times is all set to support ARRR in its efforts by reaching out to an ever-expanding circle of people to increase awareness about Past Life Regression, Future Life Progression, Reincarnation Research and related fields.
We invite you to join the Eternal Life Times Family!

Rajashekhar Potluri

Chief Editor


Dear Readers,

The winter months have been busy and eventful; there was no hibernation involved. With lots of travel, workshops and seminars, it was a beautiful journey, and as always we want you to be a part of it.

It all started with the entire LRA team attending the 4th Global Congress of Spiritual Scientists. With stalwarts from across the globe, it was an eye opening and a truly learning experience. Brahmarishi Patriji urged us to Meditate and follow the path of Vegetarianism, Dolores Cannon from the US, one of the pioneers of Past Life Regression, captivated us by her experiences and also shared with us the wisdom she gained over the past 40 years. Jacqueline Longstaff from Denmark spoke about the Aquarian Bodhisattva: a meeting of East and West, Soluntra King from New Zealand led us through powerful meditations and initiated us into the Diamond Light Body Illumination, Dr. Susan Shumsky from USA showed us How to Hear the Voice of God and Dr. Newton helped us understand the power and importance of Future Progressions and how it affects our present choices. Bennie LeBeau aka BlueThunder (A shaman Master and Native Indian American) spoke on "Ancient Earth Wisdom for the Emerging World", " Scientific Research on the power of Ceremony" & "Medicine Wheel Ceremony", he also conducted a full-fledged Medicine Wheel ceremony – the effect of which could be seen on the next day where we could see the plants and water looking brighter and clearer. Jasmuheen from Australia, talked about her new book, "Pathways of Peace – Creating a World in Peace". Erik Berglund from USA spoke about the Masters and Mystics of Mt. Shasta and enthralled us with his beautiful Voice accompanied by the ever-present Harp & Ipod. Finally Deepak Rao opened our minds about the concept of Telekinesis and Telepathy with live demonstration, leaving us all wanting for more, and eager to learn the art. The 4th GCSS has been covered in detail an exclusive article in this issue of Eternal Life Times. 

4th Global Congress of Spiritual Scientists at Pyramid Valley Bengaluru


Workshop by Blue Thunder & White Feather on ‘Energy Healing’
After the GCSS, Blue Thunder and White Feather accompanied us to Hyderabad to give a 2 day workshop on ‘Energy Healing’. They also, very kindly, agreed to do another Medicine Wheel ceremony at the Life Foundation campus which was attended by the local villagers as well. During the workshop, we received valuable insights as to how our thoughts are affecting the World, and not just ourselves. We learned the importance of the Medicine Wheel ceremonies. During the workshop, they conducted several healing meditations accompanied by drums and healed the circle and the people, the effects of which could be seen and felt instantaneously!

Workshop Participants with Blue Thunder & White Feather

Rest and relaxation
After all that work, the Doctors took a well-deserved break. They visited Jordan and Israel, going to the many Holy spots and lounging in the Dead Sea was indeed a relaxing experience. However, neither of them can take too much relaxation, so there were Meditation classes and min-workshops that were conducted in both places. 

Dr. Newton & Dr. Lakshmi at Jordan

Dr. Newton and Dr. Lakshmi attended the ‘4th World Congress of Regression Therapy’ (WCRT4) at Izmir, Turkey. Dr. Newton made a presentation on ‘Reichian Character Structures and Processing and Integration of the Past Life Memories’, which received a standing ovation. 

Dr. Newton’s Presentation at WCRT4

Meditation classes
Meditation is the key to our spiritual growth and understanding. Due to this reason Dr. Newton takes as many classes as possible. The 1st one this quarter was taken at the DMRL where he spoke about the ‘Science of Meditation’. He spoke about ‘Seth’ at the Tarnaka Pyramid Spiritual Society Centre. He conducted Meditation sessions at Yadagirigutta, Hyderabad and at Mrs. Sita’s residence in Kukkatpally, Hyderabad. He was also invited by Sashidhar Reddy to conduct a meditation session in Singapore, which he did during his visit to Singapore in November.

Dr. Newton taking a Meditation Class at DMRL, Hyderabad

In November, Dr. Newton and Dr. Lakshmi travelled to Philippines to attend the Opening of the Pyramid constructed by Rev. Alex Orbito’s ‘Pyramid For Light’ (PFL) foundation. They had a beautiful opportunity of meditating in the Pyramid on 11.11.11.

Dr. Newton and Dr. Lakshmi at Philippines


Life Coach Exams
The 1st Batch of Life Coaches was completed and exams were conducted for them. 25 people successfully completed and were certified as Life Coaches. Their certificates were awarded By Brahmarishi Patriji during the Life Foundation Annual celebrations. The second leg of their training will start from January and in the meantime the Life Coaches are busy spreading the message of Mediation to the villagers around Hyderabad as well as helping with the Life Foundation works. 

1st Batch of Life Coaches


LU Anniversary Celebration
On the 24th of November, 2011, we celebrated the 1st Anniversary of Life Foundation as well as Dr. Newton’s birthday. It was a grand celebration where Patriji inaugurated the Pyramid and conducted a small meditation. People from all over India came together for this function, and it was like a wonderful reunion and celebration for the Life Foundation family. 

Life Foundation 1st Birthday Celebrations


Brahmarshi Patriji planting a sapling at Life Foundation


Meditation inside the 1st Pyramid at Life Foundation


On the 26th and 27th of November, 2011, the 1st Past Life Regression Convention (PLRC1) was conducted by the Association for Regression and Reincarnation Research (ARRR) at Taj Deccan, Hyderabad. After months of preparation and nerve racking nights, it was heartening to see it become a huge success. Brahmarishi Patriji inaugurated the function and set the tone for the convention. The Keynote speakers were Hans TenDam, from Denmark and Trisha Caetano from USA – both are pioneers in the field of Past life Regression, with over 30 years of experience in the field. There were also 12 other speakers who conducted mini workshop. People from all over the globe, medical practitioners, facilitators and Past Life Regression enthusiasts attended the convention, making it a grand success. A detailed article on PLRC1 has been covered in this issue of Eternal Life Times.
From L to R : Dr. Lakshmi, Dr. Newton, Trisha Caetano, Brahmarshi Patriji and Hans TenDam at PLRC1


ARRR Board Members


Dr. Newton Presentation at PLRC1

Workshop by Hans TenDam
After the convention, Hans TenDam presented a two-day workshop on ‘Finding and Resolving Core Issues through Regression’ at the Life research Academy. It was an intense workshop and his technique, though familiar was still unique. He conducted demonstrations that helped the group get a better understanding of his technique. He also did mini sessions to almost 70% of the participants and helping them resolve and get a better understanding of their core issue.

Hans TenDam Workshop at Life Research Academy Hyderabad

Two-Day Workshop on “Past Life Regression and Spiritual Science”
The Two Day Workshop on “Past Life Regression and Spiritual Science”, an experiential workshop was conducted jointly by Dr. Newton and Dr. Lakshmi on the 10th & 11th of December, 2011. It gives the participants basic knowledge on various topics including the Law of Karma, Re-incarnation, Astral travelling etc. This program serves as a strong foundation for the participants to build on and progress spiritually, since it creates clear understanding that ‘We Create Our Own Reality’. This is the basic course that has to be completed before anyone attends any of the 6-Day residential workshops. 

Two-Day Workshop on “Past Life Regression and Spiritual Science” at Hyderabad

Training Program on “Art and Science of Past Life Regression”
The 13th Batch of Training Program on “Art and Science of Past Life Regression” was held from the 13th to the 18th of June at The Celebrity Club at Shamirpet, Hyderabad. The 13th Batch, who called themselves ‘The Vibrant’ were made up of a whopping 58 participants – the highest so far. They were provided hands-on training in Past-Life Regression. It was an Intensive Program for the participants as many of them had strong Cathartic experiences. This is the perfect workshop to groom future facilitators.

Six-Day Training Program on “Art and Science of Past Life Regression” (13th Batch)

The 1st Past Life Regression Facilitators Meet at Hyderabad.
On the 20th of December 2011, Dr. Newton presided over the 1st Facilitators' Meet for the Hyderabad-based PLR facilitators. Around 15 facilitators attended the meet at Life Research Academy. They shared their experiences and wisdom and also cleared their doubts. It was a wonderful learning experience for all the facilitators who were drawn from different batches as Dr. Newton’s penchant for constantly updating himself ensured that everyone learnt something new and update themselves too. It was decided that the Facilitators' meet will be a monthly affair and each meet will have a Book review as well as the screening of a Movie or Documentary.

The 1st Past Life Regression Facilitators Meet at Hyderabad

As this magazine goes for printing, Dr. Newton and Dr. Lakshmi are attending the DhyanaMahaChakra, a 11-day Meditation camp at Vizag. Nearly 100,000 people are expected to attend this camp where Dr. Newton will be conducting a group Past Life Regression Session. This is the largest group session ever conducted and we are definitely aiming for the Guinness Book of World Records!

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